Moon Cycle Pages

New Moon
Tsukuyomi angered Amaterasu… As punishment, his memories were sealed away and thus, I was born. We were now a brand new person and I was doomed to bear a punishment on the behalf of a God.
Waxing Crescent
If we were allowed to continue past the day we were supposed to graduate, what could we have been? It’s hard to imagine since, after all this time, it's like I've never known anything else. It's funny to think that my childhood, even the previous school year, was never real. It makes me feel like I intruded into something that I wasn't supposed to; like I tainted memories that didn't belong to me in the first place. Maybe I really do ruin everything. Ritsu always said that he would've been happier as an only child. I suppose he was always meant to be one anyway.
First Quarter
Sometimes I can’t help but linger on the false memories of my childhood. Ritsu didn't hate me and I got lots of attention (even if I didn't want it sometimes, even if it somehow made me feel even more lonely). Despite the loneliness… There were still happy moments and for that, I am grateful.
Waxing Gibbous
Do you think I could've been a successful person? Maybe Kaoru and I would have worked out as a duo. I had looked forward to our future together before I realized it would never happen. It totally crushed me to conclude that I would never move on from this. I felt like I couldn’t continue on… Perhaps that's why I pushed everyone away... Kaoru, Madara, my unit, my friends and family. Everyone. Even you.
Full Moon
I killed Ukemochi and I finally want to face the truth of what I did… Surely, human life has many more blessings in store for Anzu, though that still doesn’t excuse what I did. Regardless, I am happy that she gets to live a beautiful life, filled with many loved ones.
Waning Gibbous
I'm really tired. I think I want this to be over
Third Quarter
I can only truly apologize, not through mere words, but through my actions and my efforts to change and improve.
Waning Crescent
Did you ever get your loom fixed?