Why do you always insist on making me wear a helmet?

Are you serious?????

I don't want you to die!

It doesn't matter if I wear a helmet or not. You're so overbearing... even at the best of times. I can't stand it

It does matter!!

I don't know what I would do if you died. That's why you gotta wear a helmet lol


You're so cold!!! 😭

Can I come over? I promise I can make you feel betterrrrrrrrr


Soooooo you've been missing for a few weeks now. Of course, everyone's gossiping about what could have happened. It's hard to sit still when they gossip like that! I hate hearing people talk about you like you're dead. Wataru is missing too so everyone thinks maybe y'all ran off together but I kinda find it hard to believe. Especially after everything you told me. I really thought things were getting better after you opened up to me. I thought maybe I could be there when you needed me but now you're gone and you left me that letter. I just want you to know I'm glad we got to meet too. Please come home. I'll be here waiting for you when you get back. I really miss you, Rei.