I would gladly spend an eternity, just you and me, suffering to make up for what I did. I would lie down and take my punishment for forever. After all, it is what I deserve for taking Ukemochi’s life.

A life for a life.

A fair deal. You were supposed to take a life in exchange for the life that I took. Obviously, the other me...


He wasn’t pleased.

So I promised that you could have mine. Yet... it wasn’t enough to take only my life.

Why did you have to involve anyone else? I begged so many times. I promised to belong to you and take my punishment as long as the others were spared from your punishment. So why? Why did you involve them despite my promise?

Did you not believe me?

Would it ever be enough for me to experience grief again and again to alleviate your own grief? Would all of existence have to burn before you are satisfied? Or did you simply want to be the only star in the night sky? Regardless... It doesn’t matter anymore.

We are even now.

We are even and now there is a part of me that’s missing. But somehow...

I still don’t hate you.