1. I was born on a Tuesday and you were born on a Sunday. I never got the chance to ask if you were born at dusk or at dawn.
Isn't that so unfortunate? There was a lot we didn't know about each other and I wish we could have trusted each other more. Were you truly born on a Sunday? I found out more about who you used to be. You did bad things, but I want you to know I would've still accepted you, regardless. I wasn't strong enough and I'm so sorry.

2. I realized that I can't remember your birthday anymore... Has it really been long enough for me to forget? You were born in January but what exact day? Why can't I remember?
You died on October 23, 2017; body and soul. Drugs are a scary thing, and seeing what they can actually do to a person is absolutely terrifying. I tried to help you and still lost you. I still haven't processed these feelings but I truly want to move on. Your mom thinks I'm a hero but I don't feel like one at all. I'm so sorry.

3. You were born on a Tuesday, but you should've been born on a Wednesday. You were a disppointment since the day you came into the world and took your first breath. You're disgusting, ugly, and useless. You were not what they were expecting, thus you had no name. When you finally got a name, it was an afterthought. In a way, you still don't have a name.
It's no wonder that every aspect of you is empty. You were born empty and you will die empty, but you wish so badly that things could be different.