Life is beautiful.
Sometimes it's hard to believe that my life is somehow this beautiful! The sun shines its light upon me and fills me with warmth... I can't help but smile. I think of you and I can't help but smile! Every little thing about you makes me smile (your beautiful face, your overflowing humanity, that far-off look in your glassy red eyes....).
Life is perfect.
I'm happy to be alive (and I'm happy that you continue to be alive too). I'm surrounded by all of my dearest friends (and you) and it's all so perfect.
Life is ideal, it's everything I ever hoped and dreamed for... and I wish I could help you see the light too.
You are cloaked in deep, all-consuming darkness. What is keeping you in that darkness?

Sometimes, I wonder if the presence of darkness is inevitable in the presence of overwhelming light. Is it my fault that you can't see the light?