I noticed that I was still assigned a room even though I was in the hospital?
Of course. While it's not exactly mandatory, living in the dorms is still crucial. Almost to the extent of being a requirement, but as I already mentioned... Not mandatory. The only reason your brother avoided living at the dorms full-time is because of my soft spot for him.
Perhaps if you showed your cute side as often as Ritsu does then you could take advantage of my soft spot as well.

It's not that I don't want to live in the dorms. I just assumed you wouldn;t want me signed on with any of your agencies or associated with ES in general
You're capable of having a soft spot? I suppose that explains why you accepted us being assigned as roommates so easily...
Indeed, I have a soft spot and its softness extends to you as well... To a certain extent.
I don't hate you. I never have... We were not always on the best of terms, but my past feelings of distaste towards you were never rooted in full hatred.
Honestly, I was hoping we could try to ameliorate the relations between us.