Madaraヾ( `ー´
Why do you always insist on making me wear a helmet?
Are you serious?????

I don't want you to die!

It doesn't matter if I wear a helmet or not.
You're so overbearing... I can't stand it
It does matter!!

I don't know what I would do if you died. That's why you gotta wear a helmet lol

You're so cold!!! 😭

Can I come over? I promise I can make you feel betterrrrrrrrr



Soooooo you've been missing for a few weeks now.
Of course, everyone's gossiping about what could have happened. You don't know how hard it is to sit still when they gossip like that! You'd probably get annoyed at me for this but I hate hearing people talk about you like you're dead.
I really thought things were getting better after you opened up to me. I thought maybe I could be there for you when you needed me but now you're gone and you left me that letter. I just want you to know I'm glad we got to meet too.
Please come home. I'll be here waiting for you when you get back. I really miss you, Rei.