We made a wish during the summer. It happened such a long time ago. Sometimes, I wonder if it was a memory that you were allowed to keep...

Do you remember what you wished for? We were supposed to write our wishes down but it didn't matter... Neither of us were too concerned with traditions anyway. It was an idea that suddenly and randomly popped into your head. You wanted us to share our wishes with one another.

Perhaps it was bad luck to do so... but how could we have known?

I remember how we closed our eyes as we held hands. I didn't have to see your face to know you were smiling. It was a rare moment in which you fell silent, inaudibly whispering your wish into the small space between us. We opened our eyes. I couldn't help but smile at you. Rushed but hesitant... you kissed me for the first (millionth) time. You pulled away, your face was our color, and you told me your wish.

Your wish was to save me.

You wanted to be my hero... but you already were.