On the Absurdity of Living

Life and the act of living are absurd. It's all absurd because any action we take in the present won't matter, in the future, when we're dead. The present bears no consequence on the distant future or the past.
There's no need to worry about being remembered. Time passes by, never stopping, and leaves everyone behind. We live for a short amount of time, so there's no need to be remembered. We're pretty much nothing compared to the vastness of everything else that exists.
Even though life itself is absurd, living in the present isn't a death sentence to living absurdly. Our actions serve a purpose in the moment that they are taken. Life has no destined, divine meaning... but life's meaningless shouldn't disenchant people or make them want to die. Life is absurdity, but life is also unlimited possibilities. Only you can choose your own purpose since the opinions of others really don't mean anything.