I don't know if I can go on like this anymore. Nothing is helping. The therapy group I joined isn't helping. They told me that if I really wanted to stop hurting and move on and get better then I would have to seek help for myself. I did but I'm still hurting. Even after sharing my deepest fears and pains and spilling my heart to my therapy group, it still hurts just the same as it did before. It was supposed to be cathartic to get everything off my chest but I just felt ashamed and disenchanted and disgusted with myself. I always think about skipping out on the next session, or just quitting, but I keep going back. I keep returning, hoping that the next time will be the session that's a breakthrough for me. Like I'll be magically cured of my paranoia or that I won't be delusional anymore. I always hope that the next session will be the one where it finally clicks that I'm not alone or useless or disgusting or ugly. Why do I feel this way? Am I too broken to fix?