I deeply apologize for the act that I have committed
against the world and I promise to never commit such
a wasteful act again. All life but mine is precious
and I now recognize errors of my ways. It has been
proven to me that I must value all life above mine
regardless and with all of the time in this world
and the time that was taken away I think it would
be nice if you and I could take a walk together
on the paths in the courtyard one last time.
We could walk together forever and see the roses
in the spring and then with clarifying and unto
if the foremost of any appeasing elements to be
added in the first moment we met of course the most
is important of would never die before the world in
a way with because you have made it perfect there is
no need to leave because you have proven to me that
I am nothing without you and you are indeed correct
that someone as useless as me would need someone as
marvelous as you to steer me in the right direction of
unto the never in forth and underlying I am sorry that
I ever thought to defy your will. When will we be able
to be by each other’s side again. Will you forgive me?

- 🦇