Dear Ritsu,

You were my very own little brother made in my own image. We were so close. We did everything together and you looked up to me like I was perfect despite the fact that I was the farthest thing from perfect; a monster amongst humans. Regardless, you looked up to me as your big brother and, in turn, I looked to you as my little brother.

Even though these memories were never real for me, I suppose, they are very real for you. Very real for anyone besides me. I cherished the memories I had of us. I cherished all of my happy memories. Thank you for making me happy. You did not deserve such a horrible and useless big brother like me.

Soon, I will no longer care or know or remember and everything will be right in the world. You and everyone else will be able to keep living in this world.

I am sorry. Do not look for me.

⁠—Your Big Brother