Do you really think he did it?

He couldn't have possibly done something so unspeakable like taking his own life. Sakuma is an idiot but he isn't that much of an idiot, is he?

Maybe you went too far.


I'm sure he is still alive...

It seems as if he has chosen to run away from his problems, in the literal sense. Someone like him would never take their own life so easily. He always had such a fire within him, although it's now much dimmer. He did not give up during his low points before so why now of all times? He does not seem the type to simply die. I would be so very disappointed if he chose to die so soon.

Anyway... Wataru doesn't seem to be worried and I would like to assume that he knows Sakuma quite well.


I suppose you're right.

He's not the type to just easily give up. He always had his own issues, but he never really acted like anything bothered him. He's probably hiding out somewhere right now. I know he always had an affinity for hiding out in graveyards... but... Speaking of Hibiki:

Don't you think it's odd that he's been in such a good mood despite Sakuma's disappearance? It's like he's happy that Sakuma is gone.