I decided to spend the night at Yumenosaki instead of going home again... My parents will be home and I don't particularly have the energy to deal with them. It’s not like they'd notice I'm not at home anyway...
Plus, my coffin is just as comfortable as my bed at home. Honestly, it might be more comfortable. I bend over and open said coffin, running a hand over a crack in the lid. Definitely more comfortable despite...
My mind drifts off, maybe my eyes glaze over as well. I think back to how the lid got cracked.
Ritsu and Doggy had once thought it would be funny and cute if they locked me inside my coffin. While their little prank was incredibly cute, I suppose I still freaked out, unbeknownst to them... Unfortunately, I broke the lid in my attempt to free myself.
I set the lid aside and pause.
Fortunately, I have Madara. He can fix it. In fact, Madara promised me that he would fix it as soon as he had time to spare.
Sighing, I lower myself into my coffin. I'm so tired...
Comfortably settled, without the lid, I close my eyes and try to sleep. Lately, I find myself being even more tired than usual, sleeping during the day as well as the night. Typically, I stay up through the night, but now... I'm constantly sleeping. Napping during the day while also sleeping through the entire duration of the night.
Just as I was beginning to drift off, I hear the door open. I thought I had locked it...
I instantly regret not putting the lid onto my coffin. Without it, I can't pretend to not be here. Perhaps I can scare my unwelcomed visitor off... or perhaps beg to stay if it's an instructor.
I prop myself up on my elbow, and peer over.
It's only Madara.
His face holds a look of surprise at first, asking me why I'm still at school. He then replaces his surprised expression with a beaming smile. I look away from his smile, choosing to look anywhere else.
I choose not to answer him, asking him the same question. Madara replies that he specifically stayed so he could fix my coffin. He eyes the lid laying on the floor and walks towards it.
He again asks me why I'm still at school, noting that my club doesn't even meet today. I sigh, replying that I simply wanted to spend the night in the comfort of my coffin. His only reply to my answer is a smile.
He sits on the floor next to me and spends a moment examining the break in the lid before opening his bag. He pauses for a moment. Looking up from his bag and turning his attention to me.
In that moment, I feel a sense of déjà vu.