Rei had decided to spend the night at Yumenosaki instead of going home again...

His parents were home and he didn't particularly have the energy to deal with them.

It’s not like they'd notice whether or not he was at home. Plus, his coffin was just as comfortable as his bed at home.

Honestly, it might have been more comfortable.

He bent over and opened said coffin, then ran a hand over a crack in the lid. Definitely more comfortable despite...

His mind drifted off and he thought back to how the lid got cracked.

Ritsu and Doggy had once thought it would be funny and cute if they locked Rei inside his coffin.

Despite his claim that he found their prank to be incredibly endearing and cute, in actuality, Rei had panicked when he discovered that he was locked within his own coffin.

Unfortunately, he broke the lid in his attempt to free himself.

He pulled himself from his thoughts and set the lid aside.
Fortunately, Rei had Madara. He could fix it.

In fact, Madara had promised to fix it as soon as he had time to spare.

With a sigh, Rei lowered himself into his coffin. He was so tired...
Comfortably settled, without the lid, Rei closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

Lately, he found himself to be even more tired than usual, sleeping during the day as usual, but also at night. He was constantly sleeping.

Just as he was beginning to drift off, Rei heard the club room's door open. A feeling of annoyance prickled at the back of his mind.

He thought he had locked it... Rei instantly regretted not putting the lid onto his coffin. Without it, he couldn't avoid his unwelcomed visitor.

He propped himself up on his elbow, and peered over.


It was Madara.

Madara's face held a look of surprise at first as he asked Rei why he was still at school. Without missing a beat, he then replaced his surprised expression with a beaming smile.

Rei looked away from his smile, choosing to look anywhere else. He choose not to answer Madara and asked him the same question.

Madara replied that he specifically stayed so that he could fix Rei's coffin. He eyed the lid laying on the floor and walked towards it.

He again asked Rei why he was still at school and noted that the light music club didn't have any meetings that day.

Rei sighed and replied that he simply wanted to spend the night in the comfort of his coffin.

Madara's only smiled in reply.

He sat on the floor next to Rei and took a closer look at the break in the lid before he opened his bag.

He paused for a moment and looked up from his bag.

Madara turned his attention to Rei.

In that moment, Rei felt a sense of déjà vu.