For infinite lifetimes, I have lived on an endless loop.

Are you okay? Like.... have u been getting enough vitamins or whatever? cause like..... uh...... you've. been weirder than usual these past few weeks

Perhaps, mortals are not meant to understand the plight of immortal beings like Myself.

C'mon...... Adonis and koga have been worried about you. they think you should talk to someone, you know?

they think you should like.... tell an adult about whatever's going on

I'm an adult :)

DUDE. c'mon, you know what I mean

Yes, I know...

You don't have to worry. I'm fine.

bro, I'm not worried. Koga and Adonis are worried lol.

I totally thought they were overreacting and ig I was right lol

You've never been out of school for this long. you ok?

Dude, please answer me back if you can. i'm worried.